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Why Babbel?

We turn language
language using.
Animated in app conversation

Our mission is to get you speaking a new language as soon as possible. Our courses are built on 3 principles:

Value Prop #1

Learn through conversation

No random words and phrases. Babbel teaches you language skills for real life scenarios
Value Prop #2

Long-term retention

Babbel reintroduces words through six memory stages, using the technique of spaced repetition
Value Prop #3

Designed with you in mind

Every learner is different. That’s why Babbel offers personalized learning paths

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Helpful Abroad
"Absolutely love it! I’ve moved through multiple lessons in a week no problem - Babbel makes it so easy. I can’t wait to try out my new foundational Italian when abroad next month!"
Los Angeles, California
Easy to Use & Entertaining
"I’ve found the course to be easy to use and entertaining as well. Spending several minutes a day, a few days a week has made this much more useful than any high school or college language class that I have ever taken."
Austin, Texas
Useful Speaking Right Away
"The process of learning is very logical and I like how the lessons are repeated to help memorize the words and sentence usage. The explanation is great, unlike other apps that do not explain anything and you have to look things up elsewhere."
New York, New York
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